workplace technology

Hassle-Free Solutions

Our machines and equipment are designed to provide superior reliability and convenience for people at work, so they can enjoy all their café favorites at the press of a button.

Superior Reliability and Service:
We understand that managing poorly performing drink machines can feel like a full-time job. We take the hassle out of refueling your people with reliable machines that are easy to fill, maintain and clean. Our brewers require less servicing than other single-serve and vending systems. That’s less mess and less downtime. Easier for you. Our brewers are built to last with two years between service calls.* And should any issues arise, our customer care team is there to provide answers with a simple phone call. 

No cross-contamination between brews:
Each drink is hygienically brewed guaranteeing no lingering flavors from one drink to the next. Unlike other single-serve brewers, you'll never have to worry about your tea tasting like the coffee that was brewed before it.

No pilferage for home use:
Because our products are only designed for the workplace, people will enjoy them there and there alone, giving you greater control over your office stock and expenses.
*Moving Annual Average calculated P13 2015 across all UK Single Serve Brewers