Finding Balance Toward a Better Workplace

Productivity is key to a successful business, but too much emphasis on productivity alone could backfire by compromising other elements that are equally essential to a vibrant workplace.

That was among the insights gleaned from a comprehensive study of WORKPLACE VITALITY™ commissioned by MARS DRINKS.

The study queried over 3,800 people globally, and over 4,000 workers in North America to explore the interrelationship among productivity, collaboration, engagement, and well-being. Those are the 4 pillars of WORKPLACE VITALITY, a concept devised by MARS DRINKS to describe workplaces that are vibrant, thriving, and alive with potential.

Why does a beverage company engage in workplace research? Because MARS DRINKS provides coffee, tea, and other beverages exclusively to workplaces. Our job is not only to help customers create great-tasting moments at work, but to help them achieve WORKPLACE VITALITY and provide knowledge and insights to help them Rethink the Daily Grind™.