Staying Informed

Executives reach the upper echelon in part because they demonstrate a certain degree of vision, but sometimes they may lose a sightline to what’s happening with employees within the organization—and this view is important to WORKPLACE VITALITY™.

Based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, MARS DRINKS is 100% dedicated to the workplace, believing that people are an organizations’ most important asset, and with a key role to play in supporting customers. This, along with their vision to create great-tasting moments at work, leads MARS DRINKS to research the workplace and the drinks experience, and to help customers Rethink the Daily Grind™.

As part of research into the work environment, MARS DRINKS developed the concept of WORKPLACE VITALITY™. It describes an organization that is vibrant, thriving, and alive with potential. An organization that encompasses the 4 pillars of collaboration, engagement, well-being, and productivity.

In a comprehensive study of WORKPLACE VITALITY, MARS DRINKS learned there’s a gap between executives and associates when it comes to perceived workplace performance.

Top leaders think things are going quite well. The rank and file aren’t quite so sure. That snippet of insight comes from a survey of over 3,800 workers in 6 countries. MARS DRINKS commissioned the study to gain greater understanding of ways to inspire collaboration, engagement, well-being, and productivity.