Workforce Voice powered by LinkedIn

MARS DRINKS is delighted to be partnering with LinkedIn on the Workforce Voice powered by LinkedIn. Our research builds on our deep understanding of the factors that drive engagement, collaboration, well-being, productivity and ultimately, WORKPLACE VITALITY.

The Talent Connection

Talent is more important than ever today, and it is a rare organization that isn’t focused on attraction and retention. The findings from the Workforce Voice powered by LinkedIn are especially relevant because they point to the importance of WORKPLACE VITALITY and its connection to employees that promote the organization, stay with their company, and engage fully in their work.

LinkedIn Partnership

Because of the partnership with LinkedIn, the MARS DRINKS’ study assessed WORKPLACE VITALITY with the unique lens of the workforce.

  • First, the study analyzed WORKPLACE VITALITY by comparing it with employee Net Promoter System (eNPS) which asks a single question: How likely is it you would recommend your company as a place to work? The question is an especially effective barometer because it asks respondents to put their personal credibility on the line.
  • The study also obtained input from respondents with unique points of view. In addition to ‘promoters’ and ‘detractors’ based on responses to the eNPS question, the research assessed responses from job switchers versus non-switchers (those who had made job changes in the last 2 years) and responses from passive versus active candidates.

Important Results

The data on WORKPLACE VITALITY via the Workforce Voice powered by LinkedIn reinforces the validity of WORKPLACE VITALITY, how to create it, and the ways in which it is connected to attraction and retention of talent.

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