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Supporting Workplace Sustainability

Our 2016-2020 sustainability strategy is rooted in our 100% dedication to the workplace. Our aim is to provide the most sustainable workplace drinks solutions.

Introducing Mars Drinks' 2016-2020 Sustainability Strategy

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MARS DRINKS is committed to helping workplaces around the globe to meet their own sustainability goals. We aim to provide the most sustainable workplace drinks solution.  Our sustainability strategy sets out how we will achieve this goal by focusing on three key pillars.

Our sustainability strategy is a five year plan, from 2016 to 2020, that is informed by our customers’ needs and our workplace expertise. As part of our strategy, MARS DRINKS’ employees (our Associates) are the ambassadors for our sustainability efforts. 

Our single most important sustainability priority over the next five years will be to solve the waste challenge for workplaces that choose MARS DRINKS. In addition to the waste challenge, our 2016-2020 sustainability strategy focuses on two other key areas: Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Operations.

Sustainable Agriculture

Improve farmers’ lives and buy priority raw materials from traceable and sustainable sources.

Sustainable Operations

Reduce our operational impact and share best practices with partners to help them reduce their impact.

Sustainable Solutions

Develop machines, products and disposables that solve the waste challenge. At MARS DRINKS, we’re 100% dedicated to the workplace—always looking for innovative new ways to help workers refresh and recharge.